EGG-PRON: The Egg Gathering Apron

Eggpron Pattern


This is a basic pattern I designed for a rectangular apron with a dozen attached egg sized pockets on it…it is designed to hold just-gathered chicken eggs… it has a ruffled edge on it….  Make it smaller, wider, narrower, add egg pockets, canter the pockets, don’t add the ruffle…whatever works for your vision or with your stash…


I once made a delightfully cute one egg egg-pron for a very small child: e5

I am not a professional crochet designer, I tried to keep the instructions as plain as possible but I may deviate from proper crochet speak here or there…bear with me, the egg pron is worth the wading through layman terms, really!



 Red Heart Super Saver Solids yarn scraps from your stash:

  • MC (main color) for apron body
  • CC (contrast color)for apron edging and ties
  • RC (random colors) for egg pockets


G or H hook or whatever it takes to get your Eggpron to useable egg-gathering apron size.

 Apron body:


Chain 77 (75 stitches plus 2)

Row1: Starting with the third stitch in, DS into back of every stitch

Row 2-22: Chain 2, DS in back of every stitch. Bind off.




Make these one at a time, attaching them to each other as you go, until you get 6 in a row. Make two rows.

I have two ways to make the egg-pockets. I use both methods so that there are slightly different sized pockets to hold different sized eggs on each egg-pron, but if you want uniform pockets, go solely with the first option.


Chain 3

Slip stitch to make a ring

SS 6 into ring

Ss twice into back of each stitch (12 stitches)

Ss twice into back of every other stitch (18 stitches)

SS twice into back of every other stitch (27 stitches)

SS into back of each stitch until the pocket is about 3 inches long.




Chain 3

Slip stitch to make a ring

SS 6 into ring

Switch between SS and (SS twice) into the backs of stitches randomly until you feel that the rounds are wide enough to hold an egg, and long enough to cover 80% of it (like a snug pocket). It may take you a few rows to get the feel of how many increases to do per round to achieve your egg-pocket dimension goal—don’t fear pulling out a few rows and redoing them, it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it, honest! J

When you have 6 of these attached together in a line, ‘top’ them off with a couple of rows of SS in a different/contrasting RC color, this makes them look tidy, gives them a slight strengthening and ensures that they are deep enough to hold eggs:

Row 1 SS across the outer edge of the pockets, in a big oval (don’t meander through the side edges, you want them to be slightly shorter than this oval topper).

Row 2 SS into the back of every stitch of row 1. Bind off.


Attach to the apron body, one row above the other. (I use a semi-single stitch* to sort of embroider them on.)



Apron Edges:

 In CC

Starting at either top side corner, SS down one side, chain a stitch in the corner, SS across bottom, chain a stitch in the corner, SS up the other side.

Chain one, SS down the side to the bottom, chain one, then DS3X into every single stitch across the bottom (to make the ruffle), chain one, SS up the side. Bind off.


Apron Strings:

 In CC

Row 1: Chain 75 continue to SS across top of apron body then continue chain 77

Row 2 Starting with the third stitch in, DS into backs of every stitch (or not, depending on how you want it to look—either way is fine) to end.

If you want a thinner string, bind off now.

If you want a thicker string, chain two and repeat Row 2. Bind off.


*I call this a semi single stitch, I think it is like a running stitch in embroidery jargon, but I’m not sure if that is what it is called in crocheting.  Here is how to do it:

Insert hook with loop on it, bring yarn up through the loop on the hook, leaving one loop on hook (normally for a single stitch you’d keep this yarn on the hook, making two loops and then you’d draw another piece of yarn through both of them).



This pattern is free to use for making egg prons. Don’t sell the pattern itself, but heck, if you make a bunch of egg prons…go ahead, sell the egg prons.


Copyright 2016 SaxonKnits


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