Buzz Off: Wasp Nest Decoy

G hook and Red Heart yarn option
Red Heart Yarn and a G hook version
I Hook chunky yarn version
I Hook chunky yarn version


No need to kill these buzzy garden-helpers. Wasps won’t hang around other wasp territories. Make them think that your space is a bigger and badder wasp territory with this decoy nest!  Presto, no more wasps in your face. And still wasps in the garden.  Here’s how I made them:


G hook (or H hook will work too)

Red Heart Acrylic yarn.



I Hook (or J hook will work too)

Chunky acrylic yarn (you can use Red Heart yarn held doubled).

Greys or tans work best for these. The amount of yarn you have on hand will dictate how big your nest will be….I used about 60% of a skein of Red Heart for that huge (about 20 inch high) G hook version, and about the same for the mid-sized (about 15 inch high) I hook version.

You will be making many more rounds if you use the G hook option, but I think it took less yarn than the I hook option, if you look at the sizes. Both fool wasps equally well. The choice is yours.



Chain four.

Make into a circle with a slip stitch.

Round 1) Double crochet into this circle three or four times.

Round 2) Double crochet into  back loop of each stitch twice.

Continue with round two until base diameter of wasp nest is as big as you want (I think a good couple of inches at least).

Continue to double crochet into back of almost every stitch once,  and every once in a while to double crochet TWICE into the back of a stitch–this gradual increase will give your nest the gentle ‘balloon’ look (as opposed to looking like a tube). Keep going until the wasp nest is almost as tall as you want it to be (you’ll be adding to the length to make the rounded top).

Note:  you can vary the stitches—crocheting some singles, some triples, to give the rounds a more organic nature like I did, or you can stick to double crochet. If you don’t like the striped/row  effect, you can just stitch into the whole stitch rather than into the back loops of the stitches.

When you want to make the top, begin to skip a stitch every fifth stitch, then every fourth stitch, then every third then every second until it is almost closed (or you can gradually  decrease , just like you gradually increased, as soon as you hit about 70% of the height you want by skipping a stitch here and there until you decide to really shape the top and then skip every fourth, then third etc…. Honestly, whatever you do, decrease-wise,  is alright so long as it makes an egg shaped /wasp-nest shaped shape in the end)—stuff it with whatever it is you wish to stuff it with (I use plastic bags myself, for ease of worry about it going moldy in the rain) and then stitch into every other stitch to close up the hole, chain a long tie line. Break off. Then chain another and attach it, so you have two (like shoe laces) you can tie to wherever it is you want to hang it.  Or you can just chain a loop to hang it by.


There you go. Hang it up. Tell the wasps to buzz off.